Terms & Conditions

On worksforyou.it (hereinafter also Worksforyou) everyone can create a profile and publish all the works they want. A seller can only post the same job once. Duplicates or very similar jobs will be canceled. The identity of a seller or a buyer is anonymous. Sellers cannot accept payments from worksforyou.it buyers outside of worksforyou.it (directly through the seller's PayPal account or any other service). The identities of Sellers and Buyers are always anonymous. To protect the anonymity of our users, it is not allowed to request personal contact details. It is strictly prohibited to post any adult, illegal, copyrighted, violent, meaningless or other inappropriate material on the site! The content of the site is subject to moderation. The accounts of users who post, post or suggest any of the above prohibited content will be permanently blocked. To date, the maximum amount in euros that you can publish for a job is 2,000 plus extras. Worksforyouit charges a service fee of 10% up to € 1,000 and 5% for the portion above € 1,000. It is your responsibility to ensure that the transferred files do not contain any viruses or malware. Worksforyou.it cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by infected files. You can access all communications and files related to an order from your personal message box (with your email address or URL). Be sure to describe in detail the expected end result for your work. Indicates digits, duration, file formats, etc.

Buyers work orders

For your convenience, we support a large number of payment currencies. Once the payment has been approved, the Seller will be notified of the service and will start working. A buyer will be notified of changes in job status by email. Once a buyer has also accepted a service, the payment will be credited to the seller's account 1-2 days after the work has been marked as completed. At any time, buyers and sellers can cancel the reciprocal order without having a negative effect on the seller's evaluation. If for any reason your order is rejected, the amount will be transferred to your Worksforyou.it balance and will be available for the purchase of other works on suworksforyou.it. Any available funds on your balance will be automatically used for your next purchase (you don't need to repeat the payment process again) The identities of sellers and buyers are anonymous. Do not request or provide email addresses to site users. Buyers must not offer sellers payments or transactions made outside of worksforyou.it. Buyers cannot offer sellers to use PayPal.) Withdraw Funds Funds can be withdrawn for transfer to a Paypal account 1-2 days after a job is marked as completed. To be eligible for withdrawal, you must have a minimum balance of EUR 4.00 (Payments -> Withdraw money -> Withdraw). Withdrawals are final and cannot be canceled. Make sure you are using your valid and current PayPal email address. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has been initiated and transferred to Paypal. The only way to withdraw funds is through Paypal. There is no alternative payment method.

Ownership and Limitations 

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, users agree that the content that users voluntarily create / upload to work for you, including work text, photos, videos, usernames, user photos, user videos or any other information, may be used by works for you for marketing or other reasons. We would like to remind you that the working content for you is based on user generated content (UGC). Worksforyou does not control the content uploaded / created by users for violation of copyright, trademarks or other rights. We encourage everyone to report suspected violations along with proof of ownership. Content reported and found guilty of violating these terms will be removed. By offering a service, the Seller represents that he has sufficient permissions to provide, sell or resell the service he offers in the workplace for you. General Terms Spammers will be blocked and permanently banned! If you have a dispute with a vendor, you must use internal dispute resolution at the workplace. If a buyer / seller has a dispute they can't resolve, please open a support ticket. Buyers cannot issue a refund on PayPal, if this has been done, it could result in the suspension of the buyer's PayPal account. A buyer cannot open a dispute through PayPal. This could result in the suspension of the account. This page will be provided to PayPal as proof that you have agreed not to open a dispute. When a buyer is refunded for a canceled job, they can only receive the refund through their work account for you and can't get the money back through PayPal. Worksforyou reserves the right to suspend or permanently cancel any account for misconduct. We have the right to remove / modify your work at any time (with or without reason).

Delayed delivery

If a seller is late and has not provided any communication, we encourage buyers to cancel the order as soon as possible. 

Fraudulent Buyers 

We try to protect Sellers from fraudulent Buyers by using a variety of fraud detection methods. However, some fraud does occur. When a fraudulent Buyer issues a chargeback, unauthorized charge, bank claim, or any other method that removes their funds from our account, we can no longer issue payments to the Seller. The order is canceled and the seller will be sent an e-mail notification regarding the reason for the cancellation. We do not reward Sellers for the time and / or money involved, particularly those who enter into contracts with other parties. Fraudulent buyers will be banned without notice. Any attempt to request funds without requesting a refund directly via a WorksForYou customer service ticket will limit your account. This includes disputes, chargebacks, unauthorized charges or credit card claims, and so on. Disclaimer Worksforyou.it is simply a meeting point between buyers and sellers. Worksforyou.it cannot be held responsible for copyright issues or disputes arising from the work. By submitting a work, sellers assume full responsibility for copying the copyright. dispute We encourage our buyers and sellers to resolve any problem between them. If for any reason this is not successful, you can contact us.

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