About us

WorksForYou is a project by a consulting company for small businesses based in Naples, Italy, specialized in assisting small businesses and startups to access private and public funds necessary for their growth. A project created to give the market a new opportunity for both freelancers and small businesses to have a market where to offer and purchase online services mainly for business management and web / digital tools.

WorksForYou was in fact born from the need to make a technical and professional contribution to facilitate the meeting between supply and demand for professional services, with particular attention to meeting the needs expressed by small businesses, professionals and startup teams. Many small businesses who may find it particularly useful to get in touch with professionals who can meet their needs quickly and at low cost. A marketplace that was also created to find good job opportunities for many professionals and experts in the field of web and digital marketing. Freelance professionals who will have the opportunity to constantly improve their skills through comparison with the global market. WorksForYou is ultimately a web platform to offer everyone the opportunity, no matter where you are, to take advantage of a global network and bring together supply and demand in one space.

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